Quay Australia x Desi Perkins High Key

High Key

Guys and girls, I am so happy to tell you that my sunglas-addiction has hit me and I have been able to expand my collection with a new edition. Recently you have read my article about these gorgeous Flagship sunglasses by Quay Australia and I am happy to let you know that I just received my second pair of Quay’s, the High Key Sunglasses.

Quay Australia x Desi Perkins

high Key

This summer Quay Australia launced a collaboration with the amazing Desi Perkins. Desi is a well know online influencer, beauty guru and youtuber. When I saw that she was going to collaborate with Quay Australia I was very curious about how this collection was going to be and it turned out to be freaking awesome! As soon as the collaboration launched all the glasses were sold out in a second and I unfortunatly I wasn’t able to get the pair I wanted.

Sold Out non stop

Since I was following Desi non stop on Snapchat and Instagram I found out that she was going to do a restock with other retailers. The day of restock I set my alarm very early so I would be able to get the pair I wanted. At 7 am I quickly surfed to the Asos website and nothing was there. I kept checking every hour and still nothing happenend. Then i decided to contact Asos’ customer service via Facebook but unfortunatly they werent able to help me out. After a whole day of non stop checking I gave up and decided to take a relaxing bath.

Then it happened, while being in the bath I decided to check my Instagram and there it was, a post from desi that the restock went live! I quickly went to Asos, found my pair of High Key’s in Rose Gold and quickly went through check out. I was so happy knowing that I was able to get this pair, triple checked my email to see if my order came through and it did. After 30 minutes everything was sold out again and I am so happy that I checked my phone at that moment, I feel so lucky.

I found out that there will be another restock of High Key’s in September, and there will be a third color added to the collection. So if you haven’t been able to get your pair, there is another chance!

High Key

High KeyNow back to the pair of sunglasses! So, the High Key is an Aviator model with rose gold frame and rose gold mirror glasses. This pair has a flat lens, which means that it isn’t rounded and therefor gives a really cool look. The earpiece has been finished with a burgundy colour and is very comfortable to wear. The High Key is an oversized model and gives a really effortless “I don’t care” look. The glasses have been finished of with the Quay Australia logo and have a cool rose gold detail at the end.

High Key

High Key

For the collaboration Quay Australia and Desi created a new edition of their gorgeous pouch. The pouch is still flexible and has been detailed with gold letters and the Quay Australi x Desi Perkins layout.

I would defenitly call the High Key an Unisex item. Online I’ve seen several men and women wear the High Key and it looks gorgeous on them. I love how this pair adds some extra glam to every look!


Quay Australia is available at over 2000 retailers worldwide and can also be found online at their website, Asos, topshop.com, Urban Outfitters and many more! The High Key sunglasses retail for €57,- / $63.00 and will be restocked in September!

Soon I will be showing you guys my outfit with these sunnies! In the meantime, keep checking my instagram for cool looks and defenitly follow me on Snapchat to have a peak behind the scenes!

See you soon!


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  1. July 19, 2016 / 1:01 pm

    I love the sun glasses. They are really good to wear when you want to feel glam! It was so nice to wear them in Hamburg when we were together 🙂 thank you for the amazing weekend!

  2. March 18, 2017 / 8:29 pm

    These look so cool!
    I could see my husband wearing these 🙂

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